They turned up early to get their book signed Saturday 2nd nov in Waterstone's children's department. The first children recieved a free magical gate t shirt, and many children and adults asked about their own writing ideas.
Julie having a five year contract with Melrose Books in Ely, has sent her book sales flying.

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Outstanding read for children and us older children.
After reading this book to my daughter for the (first time) I found myself getting drawn into the story and not wanting to put the book down. Usually, I read a few pages until my daughters eyes get heavy but with this book I found myself keeping her awake whilst I finish a few more pages. This book is unique in its approach, and keeps the attention there. Its now one of my daughters prized possessions, she's on her third read of this book and I think this in itself speaks volumes. I really hope and dare I say expect this to turn into a series of books. Its exceptionally well written, I can only recommend this book whole heartedly to all and sundry, its a fantastic adventure that draws you in and refuses to let you go until you reach the conclusion. I eagerly await the sequel.
A review written by David Pearce on 13 Oct 2013
Go pick up your copy at your local bookstore today. Enjoy.

Book Critic:
As you'll no doubt guess from the title, The Magical Gate is a fantasy tale for children. It's an interesting version of the classic hero's journey' narrative ( also known as the monomyth' from the term coined by James Joyce in Finnegan's Wake ) The hero's journey can be found in legendary tales ranging from Perseus and Moses to Like Skywalker, by way of King Arthur and countless other examples.

The essence of the hero's journey archetype is that the hero ( or heroine ) is a seemingly ordinary person ( sometimes with a potent but hidden ancestry ) who is called to undertake a great quest, involving a series of trials and the acquisition of ( often supernatural ) powers. The Magical Gate is a liveley and engaging children's fairy-tale variant of the theme, from new author Julie Earle. It appears to be the opening volume in a series. The Magical Gate, the principal character is Amy, a bright but otherwise ordinary nine-year-old girl who discovers the eponymous gateway into Fairyland. Within she finds the land in peril from an evil villain, and is called to undertake the great quest to save Fairyland from its evil doom. The reason for her calling is tied up with the story's ultimate moral: the only thing that can combat the evil is 'the pure heart of a child'. In other words, the symbolism of the story is about the value of innocence over cynicism, of purity verses corruption.

While I'm in 'Lit Crit' mode, I'd just like to note that it's quite unusual to encounter a female heroine's journey' variant. The archetypal protagonist, even nowdays, is almost always male. I'm not totally sure why this is, but it could be connected with the archetpal idea of achieving manhood'. Anyway, literary theory is all very well; what we're concerned with here is whether The Magical Gate is good to read. Happily, it is. It's fun, inventively staged, and narrated with a balanced mix of warmth, atmosphere and narrative gusto. Amy lives with her parents in a house in the forest.

Being so young, she isn't allowed to venture into the forest by herself, and spends her days confined to the garden. One day, however, she discovers a previously unnoticed gateway at the bottom of the garden, apparently leading out into the forest. Inexorably drawn to it, she opens it and passes through into a world of unimagined beauty and magic. This is Fairyland. Befriended and guided by a fairy called Cherry, Amy learns that her arrival has been foretold: she, possessing a pure and innocent human heart ( in contrast to the greedy and destructive hearts of adult humans ), is needed to combat the evil being known as Shadow, who is threatening Fairyland. Shadow was once a nice pixi who became evil and transformed into a goblin. The cause of all this was his lust for power. Shadow wants to displace the queen of the fairies and rule Fairyland, and is aided by his gang of goblins and trolls.

Having agreed to help, and been given a purse of magic pixi dust ( to be used only at need ), Amy returns to her own world in time for dinner. From this point on, the author does something rather interesting with the plot. The story plays out by switching from the real world to Fairyland and back, and the second stage in the plot - in which Shadow's trolls are kidnapping fairies and taking them back to his castle takes place initially in a dream experienced by Aimy while in her own bed at home.

This isn't a simple premonitory dream - it's an actual plot phase, and is therefore a remarkable blurring of the boundaries between the different compartments of in-story reality. This is very sophisicated for a children's tale. So, with aid of pixi guide and side kick Thorn ( her original guide Cherry is-one of the fairies kidnapped ), Amy embarks on the first of the of the series of trials and adventures which make up the story - to free the captives. With this task completed, the narrative keeps picking up pace and intensity, with adventure after adventure.

There are escapes, evasions, brushes with death and disaster, new characters ( including the pivotal character Gemstone, the chief Fairy King ), infiltrations of Shadow's scary domain, battles, and more. Along the way, Amy acquires new powers and skills, and even more friends and allies.

Meanwhile, though, Shadow grows even more powerful, and takes over Fairyland, wreaking devastation. But in the moment of his triumph, as he casts down the queen, Gemstone the King the King appears, thanks to the intervention of Amy and her friends; he thwarts Shadow ( who is banished to a sort of hell ) and heals the destruction wrought by him.

Amy returns to her own world, and we are told that although one quest has been completed, another one is about to begin. There is to be a sequel. What will happen in it, however, we are told; but if it's as much fun as this first instalment, it should be well worth reading.

In conclusion, although its based on reworking a well-worn archetypal plot, The Magical Gate is filled with inventivness. The storytelling is vibrant and vigorous, with lots of action. There's also a good dose of humour ( some of the 'ick' variety that children love - notablythe exploding trolls. Altogether it makes an engaging and fun read. I recommend it, and look forward to the sequel.

Article: An enthralling new children's adventure story, The Magical Gate, is the first of a trilogy of adventure stories launched by new author Julie Earle from Essex.
The Magical Gate is a tale of heroine Amy who finds herself fighting to save not only herself but also the mystical Fairyland. After discovering a magical gate at the bottom of her garden,

Amy is plunged into a world threatened by the evil goblin, Shadow, and who, with his followers, is devouring fairies and threatening the very existence of the land in which they live.
Follow Amy's adventures through the myriad of labyrinths which spell trouble at every turn.

Will the terrible Shadow succeed in this quest to take over or will the chosen one win the day and overcome all obstacles facing her?
The first book from Julie Earle will grip readers from three to eighty three years old as they follow a roller coaster ride
through The Magical Gate. With unpredictable twists and turns, the reader will be engrossed from Page One through to the thrilling conclusion.
New author, Julie Earle, lives in South Ockendon with her husband and four children.
As someone who has always loved writing and telling stories, Julie was inspired to write the book after watching her kids playing under the cherry tree in the garden.

In her imagination she then saw a door appearing in the tree and afterwards, the idea was developed into a full
blown adventure story. As she was writing, she could see the adventure unfold in my mind's eye; the characters came to life, as the story began to unfold.
Obliged to work part time on the book because of the endless commitments to her children, Julie worked at night when the children had gone to bed and locked herself away in a bedroom to develop her ideas and
to write further chapters. And one year later, the book was finally finished.
The next obstacle to overcome was getting it published. Julie has had her work acccepted by a few publishers but finally chose Melrose Books in the UK. Julie has a book launch for Sep 2013.

So keep it in your diary and come and get your copy signed and meet Julie yourself. A 90 second 3D animation bringing some of the major characters in the book to life can be watched below.

The book The Magical Gate becomes a journey the moment you enter as your eyes meet the pages searching for those first words leading quickly into the mystery that lays behind the gate. Come with us and tread thoughtfully, tread lightly and try and remember the way back.

Outstanding read for children and us older children.
After reading this book to my daughter for the (first time) I found myself getting drawn into the story and not wanting to put the book down. Usually, I read a few pages until my daughters eyes get heavy but with this book I found myself keeping her awake whilst I finish a few more pages. This book is unique in its approach, and keeps the attention there. Its now one of my daughters prized possessions, she's on her third read of this book and I think this in itself speaks volumes. I really hope and dare I say expect this to turn into a series of books. Its exceptionally well written, I can only recommend this book whole heartedly to all and sundry, its a fantastic adventure that draws you in and refuses to let you go until you reach the conclusion. I eagerly await the sequel.

A review written by David Pearce on 13 Oct 2013. Many other reviews can be found on


Julie's motto. ''There is a book in everyone''
Its just finding the subject and making it captivating for the readers. Julie hopes to inspire young and old to make the most of their writing skills. One of Julies events was to speak at Harold Wood
Library in Essex. If you would like Julie to speak at your group then this may be possible.

Covering: 1) How to get published. 2) The pitfalls to look out for. 3) How it requires patience. 4) Important tips.
Please book well in advance. Thank you.

THE MAGICAL GATE, The author Mrs Julie Earle has a book launch in Lakeside Grays in Aug 2013. The Magical Gate is highly recommended as fantastic reading. Children love Children's, books
by Julie Earle. Julie writes fiction but the stories become so captivating the reader has the sense of reality. Adventure stories are a great escape, but the best books cause the reader to make real
contact with all the characters, making Julies stories wonderful bedtime story's. Bedtime stories for many homes have sadly become a thing of the past, the magical gate and the other writings of
Julie earle are helping to light the way once again where children ask, Can you read me a story. Julie Earle has invitations for school readings, due to the highest regard to punctuation and the
correct use of grammar the magical gate helps students learning english and even speaking english. Julie's children's books help children to learn to spell and therefore learn to write and in time
Julie hopes that this will encourage every reader in writing a book, yes their own book, where perhaps they may one day become a best author. Julie has book signings starting in Lakeside Grays
to the ends of the earth. News, press releases, every press release will increase peoples awareness of Julies writings and in some cases advertise where children can look forward to meeting Julie
Earle. Julie loves to encourage others to write for them selves, as there is so much pleasure to be had. Booking Julie Earle to speak encouraging new writers is a great way for others to be inspired
and to perhaps create an awesome work for themselves. Many parents with their children will be seeing Julie Earle at her book signings. If you see Julie at Waterstones or any book shop or stand
then buy your own copy and get Julie to sign it for you or for some one else as a lovely gift. Children's fantasy books are Julie's specialty. Top fantasy books for children are rare. Julie Earle verses
Harry Potter, reporters have written all kinds of things suggesting that Julie Earle is the new JK Rolling, but Julie just laughs. But who knows Julie is already writing brilliant fantasy books - fantasy
novels and very popular children Fairies Books. Julie's favorite fairy books have to morally inspire the reader. Children's fairytale's books can be filled with nothing but darkness but the best fairy
books in Julies opinion encourage the reader to have a greater understanding of right and wrong and to choose the correct path.

All images within this website are copyright of Mrs Julie Earle. Copying of these images is prohibited.
Julie Earle is now taking school bookings.

Ockendon author Julie Earle was asked into South Ockendon Benyon primary school on Monday the 9th of December to give a reading of her new children's book The Magical Gate.
Julie was asked to speak to 7 individual children's classes. Being received so well by all the children and being able to answer so many of their questions, really made the day.  

One of the teachers when introducing Julie to the class, said to the children. "You have a real life author here. Look at her and take advantage of her being here". Within each class Julie was able to encourage each child to believe that they too could write their own stories, and one day become authors themselves.

Julie is well known for her motto. "Their is a book in everyone".
On the day Julie also did a creative writing competition where each child had to write their own stories and the winners would win one signed copy of her book.

The children really got involved and asked some fantastic question about being an author, Julie also spoke about allowing your imagination to grow and to follow your dreams.

In one class Julie was asked to sign a few hands in which she did and a pencil case. Each class was so excited to meet her and listen about the book. One child asked if Julie had brought her troll with her. Julie said no she had left him at home, this made everyone laugh. The day was very rewarding and the staff were excellent.

Benyon primary school is well known as an excellent Thurrock school Julie said. Everyone had a wonderful day.

38 year old children's Author Mrs Julie Earle.

Mother of four has signed a five year publishing deal with Melrose books based in Ely in the UK.

After writing the first of a series of children's books called The Magical Gate and having an exciting book launch at Waterstones Croydon. Julie has been booked for a number of school reading's and presentation's on creative writing.

Encouraging children to reach their full potential at school and allowing their imaginations to grow so that they may become one day authors themselves. 

Julie is such a charismatic speaker that many of the people she has known are now writing for themselves, her most recent invitation is to speak at Grays Library encouraging other writers not only in their writing but also in how to avoid unfruitful publishers.  

 Julie's motto is "There's a book in everyone".

Ask Julie more. Julie Earle 07568564734
Maldon and burnham Standard. News/south_essex. Author_Julie_visits_school  
Braintree and Witham Times.South_essex_news. Author_Julie_visits_school  




So start writing.


Had such a fab day today doing a
creative writing workshop which sold out.
Signed loads of books.

The workshop was about character building.
All the children did well.
One even won a copy of my book.

Which made her day lol.

Had well over 15 children.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.

Albert Einstein.

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